Easy-Assist Sock Puller

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Stretching For Socks? Never Again! 

Putting on socks shouldn't be a hassle! Our innovative Sock Puller is here to make your life easier. Whether you're dealing with mobility issues, arthritis, or simply want to save time in the morning, our Sock Puller is the perfect solution!


Our Easy-Assist Sock Puller has been tried and tested and has helped Australian men and women with a simple, safe, and effective way of putting on socks without bending or straining.

Benefits Of Our Easy-Assist Sock Puller

✅ Reduces The Strain On Hips, Back & Knees

✅ Gain Independence & Self-Sufficiency

✅ Works With Compression Socks & Leggings

✅ Prevents Falls & Injuries By Reducing The Need To Bend & Stretch

Eases Arthritis & Joint Pain

✅ Saves Time In Your Daily Routine

✅ Lightweight & Easy To Transport

✅ Proudly Australian Owned & Operated

✅ Risk-Free 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Socks On, Stress Gone!

If you're tired of bending, stretching, and fighting to get your socks on, it's time to try our Sock Puller. Designed to make your mornings smoother and stress-free, our Sock Puller is the ultimate time-saver for anyone who wants a quicker, easier way to start their day.

The Practical Solution For Your Daily Routine

If you struggle to put socks on, whether due to mobility issues, joint pain, or other physical limitations, our Sock Puller is the perfect tool to help you regain your independence.

It's a small tool with a big impact on your daily life. Order now and say goodbye to sock stress for good!

What’s Included In Your Purchase:

  • 1 x Easy-Assist Sock Puller 

Order In Confidence With Our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We are Australia’s Leading Health Supplies Store.
Please feel free to Contact Us within 30 days of your product's arrival and receive a FULL REFUND if you are not completely satisfied.


  • Material: PP + Sponge
  • Colour: Black / White
  • Sock Puller Cords are 82cm in length

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