Pet Ball Play Pit

$119.99 $240

Bounce, Play, Repeat

Let the Fun Roll & Treat Your Pet to the Ultimate Ball Pit Adventure!

Our colourful and exciting Pet Ball Play Pit is a great way to enhance your dog or cat's balance, coordination, and muscle strength.

As well as providing an enjoyable and interactive playtime experience for dogs and cats, this safe and engaging environment, filled with soft, colourful balls, allows them to play, exercise, and have fun while benefiting from mental stimulation, physical activity, and stress relief.

Happy Australian Cat & Dog Owners

Our Pet Ball Play Pit has helped our many Australian Pet Owners to strengthen their bond with their pets. Embracing the idea of our Pet Ball Play Pit can enrich our furry friends’ lives, ensuring they lead happy, healthy, and fulfilling lifestyles.

Whether you have a playful puppy, a curious cat, or a small furry friend, our Pet Ball Play Pit is designed to accommodate pets of all sizes. The neutral and attractive design fits seamlessly into any home, creating a designated space for your pets to unwind and have fun.

Benefits Of Our Pet Ball Play Pit

✅ Helps Improve Your Pets Mental Stimulation

✅ An Excellent Way For Your Pet To Burn Off Energy

Reduces Anxiety By Offering A Safe & Secure Space

✅ Increases Agility & Sensory Skills

✅ Helps Prevent Boredom & Improves Your Pets Problem-Solving Skills

✅ Improve Your Pets Balance & Coordination

✅ Helps Lower Stress Levels & Provides A Sense Of Security

✅ Proudly Australian Owned & Operated

✅ Risk Free 14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Increase Your Pets Physical Exercise

Running, jumping, and digging through our Pet Ball Play Pit provides a full-body workout for your dog or cat. It's an excellent way for your pet to burn off energy, especially during days when outdoor play isn't possible.

Improve Mental Stimulation 

Our Pet Ball Play Pit creates an environment of varied textures and colours that stimulate your pet's curiosity and intellect. Finding a specific ball or toy within the pit can be an entertaining puzzle for your dog or cat, exercising their brain and sharpening their problem-solving skills.

What’s Included In Your Purchase:

  • 1 X Pet Play Ball Pit
  • 1 X 200 Play Balls (Pink, Blue and Green)

Feel Safe With A 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

Order in Confidence with our 14-Day Money Back Guarantee - We are Australia’s Leading Health Supplies Store, please feel free to Contact Us within 14 days of your product arrival and receive a FULL REFUND if you are not completely satisfied.


  • Pit Color: Grey
  • Size: 90cm in Diameter, 33cm in Height
  • Material: Memory Sponge & Fabric
  • Pit Wall Thickness: 5cm
  • Pit Weight: 3.5kg
  • Ball Diameter: 5cm

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